Water Resources | Science-Policy
Wheeler Insitute for Water Law & Policy | UC Berkeley
Michael Kiparsky

My current responsibilties include policy analysis and outreach as well as applied research in service of California's long-term water resources.

Current research projects include a look at institutional aspects of innovation in the urban water sector, in collaboration with an NSF-funded Engineering Research Center at UC Berkeley and Stanford.

My background as an academic researcher includes work on technical and policy aspects of water management, as well as the interface between the two.

On the science side, I have conducted modeling studies of the risks to water supply from future stressors such as climate change, with an emphasis on incorporating attitudes of decision-makers towards uncertainty and risk.

I also work on water policy and management, including governance of complex geophysical, institutional, and organizational systems. Impacts of and adaptation to climate change and other large-scale stressors are ongoing themes.

My overarching interest lies in the integration of science and policy. I have approached this intersection as a researcher and as a consultant.