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Michael Kiparsky
advice, journalism, creative writing

I enjoy the craft of writing, and have published my academic, creative, and journalistic writing. I have also consulted as a science writer and technical writer and editor.

A current area of particular interest to me lies in contributing strategic and tactical advice to the next generations of graduate students.

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Process and advice for graduate students


I navigated graduate school using some sound strategy, plus healthy doses of trial and error. I came to favor the former approach, but most students employ the latter, in part for lack of suitable guidance.

I became fascinated with the process of graduate school, and paid attention to what does and does not work, based on my own experiences and those of my peers and mentors. I enjoy packaging the results of these explorations succinctly, both in writing and through departmental presentations and workshops.

If you are a graduate student, try not to learn things the hard way - talk to people who will give you direct advice, and ask lots of questions, and read these articles.

Eric Hallstein, Michael Kiparsky, and Anne Short. “An orals survival kit.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 14, 2009. http://chronicle.com/article/An-Orals-Survival-Kit/47547/

Michael Kiparsky. “Thank you for your support.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 8, 2007. http://chronicle.com/article/Thank-You-for-Your-Support/46487/

Michael Kiparsky. “How to win a graduate fellowship.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 11, 2006. http://chronicle.com/article/How-to-Win-a-Graduate-Fello/46782/

Journalism and creative

I try to keep my interest in creative writing and journalism alive through modest publications when time and energy allow.

Michael Kiparsky and Eric Hallstein. “Being Poor in a 'Charge It' Society.” The New York Times, February 17, 2008 (Letter). http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/17/opinion/l17spend.html

Mike Kiparsky. “Classic Mountaineering Literature.” Open Spaces: Views from the Northwest. Spring 2002.

Mike Kiparsky. “Temptation and Idealism in Silicon Valley.” Open Spaces: Views from the Northwest. Spring 2000.

Mike Kiparsky. “Biking Vietnam.” Open Spaces: Views from the Northwest. Summer 1998.

“Biking Solo Through Southeast Asia.” Stories and Photographs by Mike Kiparsky. www.clazie.com/mike. 1998. (Online travelogue featured on Yahoo! and Netscape with over 100,000 visitors to date)